Havit Slim Laptop Cooling Pad HV-F2056

Havit Slim Laptop Cooling Pad HV-F2056 ReviewI’ve recently taken up doing some occasional PC gaming again after many years away.  I have always found gaming relaxing and a good way to chill-out in the evenings and weekend.  Of course, getting spare time to game is always an issue though it’s amazing where you can find the odd 15 –20 minutes when you look hard enough.

My main PC is in the office so gaming from a laptop is the best option for me, as it is obviously portable and means I can sneak the occasional game a home.

The issue this poses is that most modern games are CPU and GPU intensive, to some greater or lesser extent, so I need a laptop that can handle the resource requirements of the game I want to play.  Usually Battlefield 4 or League of Legends. 

An unavoidable by-product of gaming on a laptop is that it doesn’t take long for the laptop to generate a decent amount of heat, which is hardly surprising when you look at the limited space the laptop’s components have to operate and to create a sufficient cooling airflow.

To assist with the creation of a chilled airflow for the laptop when gaming, I decided to research and buy a cooling pad.  Now, as you can probably imagine, there are plenty of models to choose from, many with their own unique features and designs.  However after reading many reviews online I decided to go for the Havit HV-F0256 Slim Laptop Cooling Pad due to its size, USB passthrough feature, an on/off switch and of course its cooling capability.  Also, it didn’t break the bank at just over £15.

I created a quick video giving more information on this cooling mat, along with a few tips around what to look for when choosing your own laptop gaming cooling mat.


Drop a comment below to let me know what cooling pads you’ve found good, and if you find the video useful, please give it a thumbs up on YouTube. I may see you online sometime for a quick gaming session. Smile

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