Healthier IT Working – Wrist Support: Part 2

This post is an update from my earlier entry here, where I was looking for a product or solution that would help the tendonitis I am experiencing with my right wrist and forearm.  I had stumbled across a wrist device called a ‘Wrist Donut’ and had been using that, though have since swapped from the ‘original’ wrist donut model to a version of it, by the same company, called the ‘gamer’.  This particular model is about twice as wide, though not quite a high, but I have found this far more comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.  The ‘original’ wrist donut I found to be a little hard on the under-side of my wrist, with the extra width found in the ‘gamer’ model distributing the pressure and surface area against my wrist.

Below: the ‘original’ wrist donut (left) and the ‘gamer’ model (right).

Wrist donuts

Below: my new ‘Gamer’ Wrist Donut – I normally wear it a little closer to front of my wrist, though had to take a photo with one hand. Smile

Wrist Donut ergonomic IT worker

Below: the original ‘Standard’ type Wrist Donut – notice how it is narrower.

Tendonitis Wrist Donut Gamer


Another change to my work area has been the introduction of an ergonomic vertical mouse.  I was made aware of the existence of vertical mice by Jeet Bhatia, a reader of TechHead, who mentioned that he had been using a Evoluent vertical mouse and found it very beneficial.  After some further investigation I opted for a cheaper model of a vertical mouse (ZeleSouris Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse),just to make sure it worked for me, which I bought off of Amazon.  My Apple Magic Mouse has now been relegated to my tech drawer in preference of my new purchase.

Vertical Mouse


Ergonic Vertical Mouse

I’ve been using the vertical mouse for about 3 weeks now and after a short period of getting used to controlling the mouse cursor with my wrist and arm in a different position, I don’t feel limited in the control I have over the mouse cursor on the screen.  This was originally a concern for me as I do quite a bit of graphical work and I did wonder if I still be able to obtain those small pixel perfect micro-mouse movements, I needn’t have worried.

With a vertical mouse most of the mouse movement comes from your upper arm and shoulder, and also has the added benefit of keeping your forearm in a ‘neutral’ position.  This is instead of introducing a twist to your forearm as found when using a conventional style mouse (see image below).

vertical mouse neutral arm

So in summary, I’m very happy with my new gamer wrist donut and vertical mouse arrangement, and can happily say I am experiencing much less discomfort since adopting these new items into my daily work routine.  The other thing I now do, which has made a massive difference, is sleeping with a supportive wrist brace.  I now no longer wake with very painful tendonitis along my wrist and forearm.  I am hoping that at this rate, in a couple of months time, my tendonitis would have passed though I will continue to use the donut and vertical mouse if/when this happens.

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