HP Proliant ML115 – End of the Road?

Well folks, it looks like it’s the end of the road for the HP Proliant ML115 model of server.  Available stock levels from HP are dwindling and the early rumours indicate that the HP Proliant ML115 model will not be superseded leaving only the ML110 model.  I should point out that this hasn’t been officially confirmed by HP yet though I have from a very reliable source that unfortunately this is the case.HP Proliant ML115 - End of the road?

Apparently the reason for the ML115 line being dropped is that it globally hasn’t proven to be a popular model, at least as not as much as the Intel based ML110.  I’m sure many of you that have bought HP Proliant ML115’s for your home or work lab, including myself, will be disappointed at this news as they have proven to be an ideal work-horse and provide exceptional value to money.  The ML115 G5 (Quad Core) runs VMware vSphere including advanced features such as Fault Tolerance (FT) without any problems and when paired with some external storage (eg: OpenFiler or an NAS appliance such as the iomega ix4-200d) makes for an excellent virtualization lab solution.

Its Intel based twin the HP Proliant ML110 G6, although a nice entry level server, has never got near to offering the same value for money as the ML110 G5 or ML115 G6, putting it in the same price-bracket and similar feature set as competing products from Lenovo (TS200) or Dell (PowerEdge T110).

Luckily, at least here in the UK, there are still limited supplies from HP of the ML115 G5 (Quad Core).  Check out the ‘Hot Deals’ section at the top of this page where I will include the cheapest pricing I can find of this great little lab server until it goes completely end of life.

Bon voyage ML115 !


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  1. I’ve used the ML110 G6 to build my home lab (with good success) and would highly recommend it for those looking to avoid piecing together a whitebox solution.
    PS. It also will take 4GB DIMMs to get to 16 GB of memory (unsupported of course, but it does work).

    • Unfortunately 8GB appears to be the limit for the ML115 G5. I had an email from a chap that tried it with some 4GB DIMMS from Crucial with no luck.

      It’s a shame really as this would certainly take the ML115 to a whole new level and VM density (combined with external storage).

      I just wish the ML110 G6’s would start to drop in price a little more. Fingers crossed.



  2. I wonder if HP have finally realised the massive losses they’ve been making selling a decent quad-core server for £200?

    Following Ron’s post, I’d love to know if the AMD ML115 will take 4GB DIMMs – Ron, any chance of borrowing one!?

  3. I just checked a trade distributor and they have almost 200 ML115 G5s on order for delivery early June.

    A fine little box – tempted to pick up a couple for stock.

  4. Anyone any advice as to the next step up from the ML115 that could take 16GB or 20GB RAM? Things start to get pricey quickly, when looking at ML350 G6 or Dell T610s…


  5. The ML115G5 has been a great lab work horse and its a shame to see it coming to the end of its production life.

    I’m looking to add a 4(quad) port Gigabit NIC card. Can anyone suggest one thats supported by Vsphere 4.1?


    • Hello,

      Have you finally added one to the server??? is it working fine?

      In the server quickspecs all compatible HP network cards are one or dual port cards, no quad port… and I’m not sure if to risk buying one…


  6. I settled with the HP NC7170, £15 on ebay for a dual port. Works a treat.

    Something I will mention NIC related is that I’m currently using XenServer 5.6.1 (FP1). After boot, the on board ML115G5 Broadcom NIC reports 1000Mbps, but after a period of time which can be minutes or days it drops to 10Mbps which obviously has a dramatic effect on any VMs using it. I haven’t seen this happen with the NC7170, its rock solid. Only a reboot of XenServer brings the NIC back to 1000Mbps.

    No such problem seen with Vsphere 4.1.


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