Iomega IX2 & IX4 – OS X Lion Time Machine Fix

Good news for all Iomega IX2 and IX4 non-Cloud Edition owners who want to back their Apple Mac up to their Iomega IX2 or IX4 using Time Machine.  A firmware update (v2.1.40) has been released by Iomega which resolves the issue of not being able to backup your Apple Mac using Apple’s Time Machine backup utility.  For those of you with a Cloud Edition model of the Iomega IX2, IX4 or PX series storage devices have had a firmware update containing the fix since back in August 2011 (v3.1.12.47838, 11th August  2011).

Prior to applying this v2.1.40 firmware update for non-Cloud Edition models you were unable to establish a connection via Time Machines to the IX2/IX4 device due to a change in Lion OS X that did “not allow standard network connections via AFP, which is the protocol used to create Time Machine backups on network device”.  One point to note is that as of today (4th January 2012) the ‘Update Device Software’ page in the Iomega IX2 and IX4’s web based management console is still saying that the v2.1.38.22294 is the latest available FW update – don’t be fooled by this as you can download the v2.1.40 firmware update for the Iomega IX2 here and the IX4 here and then ‘Copy Update File’.


Iomega IX4 Time Machine Lion Fix

I have applied this new Iomega firmware update to my IX4 non-Cloud Edition and can confirm that it works just fine.  I can now backup from my Apple MacBook Pro to the IX4 without any issue.

Iomega IX2 IX4 Apple Lion fix


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