Lenovo EMC/Iomega PX NAS Update – New Look UI

An update ( for the Lenovo/Iomega PX range of NAS devices is now available. This update is significant as it dramatically changes the look and feel of the PX devices web management interface, along with providing the following updates:

  • New user-friendly setup sequence walks users through configuring basic device settings and commonly used options for Business or Home profiles. Includes optional guided tour for first-time users. NAS device is automatically secured during device setup. This protects the NAS from unauthorized access and encrypts communications through the web-based management interface. Device security cannot be disabled to ensure the NAS is always protected.
  • Redesigned management interface provides easy access to device features with All Features available from one tab. Favorite Features tab is pre-populated with most commonly used features for the profile selected during setup and supports drag-and-drop customization. New system status dashboard provides immediate access to device health information and usage statistics.
  • New applications for px products, including Milestone Arcus with Interconnect and McAfee ePO.
  • Atmos and Mozy Backup are no longer included as built-in LifeLine applications.
  • Provides improved BitTorrent support with the Transmission Torrent application.
  • Removes the native video surveillance application included in LifeLine versions 4.0 and earlier.
  • Adds Samba 4.0 support.
  • Drive Management improvements, including RAID recovery.
  • Security fixes.

Lenovo Iomega PX NAS Update Management Screen

Interesting to note that both Atmos and Mozy backup options are no longer included as built-in apps to the NAS’ LifeLine operating system. It would be nice to see the inclusion of some more 3rd party Cloud based backup services such as CrashPlan.

The new white background and crisp icons look nice, though I think I prefer the layout of the old interface as it was easier to find things quickly via the menu on the right hand side of the screen. That said, the drag and drop feature to add your most used icons/functions to the Favourite Features tab is a nice touch.

I have now updated my PX4-300 to this latest update and can report that the upgrade was trouble free and didn’t actually take that long. “In theory” the update is not data destructive, though as is always recommended, make sure any important data is backed up somewhere else first before performing the update. I still remain very pleased with my PX4-300, it has been running 24×7 for the past 3 years running VMs and serving up files without any problems, and I’ve only experienced one drive failure with it, which isn’t bad going in my opinion.

For more information and to download the firmware update check out the Lenovo support page here.

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