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As part of my role at Dell EMC I create interactive style demos for use by our sales teams, partners and customers.

Interactive demos take you through a particular product providing you with the ability, via a web browser, to try out key features and functions of a particular product or solution. Prior knowledge of the product isn’t required as I build in a ‘trusted advisor’ along with hotspots to show you why and where to click in the product interface. Note: the trusted advisor and hotspots are able to be toggled off and on depending on whether you are using the interactive demo to familiarise or educate yourself or if presenting it to a customer.

By design it isn’t built as a fully working virtualized instance of a product but rather a medium (via HTML5) by which you can get a similar experience as a you would from a live product environment performing various tasks.

This makes interactive demos ideally suited for those of you that want to get some hands-on experience with a product that you perhaps already have at work, are perhaps thinking of buying or if you are just curious on how the particular product works.

Dell EMC Interactive Demos

I know from personal experience, from when I was a systems administrator and then a technical architect, that it was often difficult to find hardware that wasn’t already in production that you could play around with and explore.

Within Dell EMC there is a web portal where you can access a wide range of interactive demos, some created by me (eg: VxRail, VxRack SDDC, Unity) and business unit marketing teams within the company.  Here is a link to the Dell Demo Center Interactive Demo portal where you can try out a range of different products and solutions:


I hope you find this of use, and leave me a comment if there is a particular Dell Technologies product that you’d like to see an interactive demo creating for.

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