London Cloud Camp – 9th July

Wow, it’s been a couple of crazy weeks where I seem to have had no time to spend writing articles for TechHead.  I’m hoping that this will now change so more regular articles should start appearing on the site.

As always I am open to suggestions for articles, ideas, format, etc – so drop me a line…
Anyway… I thought I’d draw to your attention that the next London Cloud Camp is on the 9th July and is hosted at the Microsoft building in Victoria, London.  So if you’re local (or even if you’re not local) then register for this evening event here and head on down.  For those of you that haven’t attended a Cloud Camp before I recommend coming along as it offers a number of quick fire type sessions that offer valuable insight into things Cloud (ideas, products,  trends, etc) that are evolving in this space.    
captured_Image.png[8]* Please Note: This picture has nothing to do with this blog posting what so ever I just thought it looked a little bland and needed something funny.  And hey, who doesn’t like a bit of Star Wars humour !




I’ve been along to the last 2 Cloud Camps with and I have signed up to attend this next one.  If you plan on heading along come and say ‘Hi !’ as it’s always nice to meet new people (especially those that read TechHead)  🙂

More details can be found here:

London Cloud Camp – 9th July 2009


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