New Version of Veeam FastSCP (v3.0.2) Released – Windows 7, W2K8 R2 & Official VMware ESX 4.0 Support

The guys and gals over at Veeam have just released an update to their highly useful and extremely popular free VMware ESX(i) file transfer utility, FastSCP.

Those of you that have been using FastSCP v3.0.1 have probably already stumbled on the issue where FastSCP won’t run too happily, without a little tweaking, on Windows 7 or Windows VeeamFastSCPServer 2008 R2.  The good news is that this has now been resolved in this latest v3.0.2 release along with the important fact that VMware ESX v4.0 is now officially supported along with ESX v3.5 Update 4!

So good news all round.  If you haven’t tried out FastSCP yet then I recommend you download it and give it a try.  I think you’ll find that it is by far the quickest utility for copying files around in your VMware ESX infrastructure.  Best of all, it’s free!  Download it from here.


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