New Virtualization Podcasts

There are a couple of new virtualization podcasts on the block that I thought you virtualization enthusiasts out there may be interested in checking out, if you haven’t done so already.  I listen to podcasts regularly and find them a highly convenient way to keep on top of what’s happening out in the industry along with hearing from others in the virtualization space.


Calvin Zito Virtualization PodcastThis first podcast is by HP’s own Calvin Zito aka the HP Storage Guy (@hpstorageguy).   Calvin has a number of different guests in his virtualization related podcasts ranging from those who work for HP through to external vendors and channel partners and talks to them about their thoughts and experiences with virtualization.  Well worth a listen especially for those of you using or interested in HP server or storage products.



vmetc virtualmania Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) from VM/ETC hosts a weekly podcast called VirtuMania discussing all aspects of virtualization with a particular emphasis “on the operational and administrative viewpoints”.  VirtuMania has covered an interesting range of virtualization topics with different guests including Jason Boche (@jasonboche), Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) and Chad Sakac (@sakacc).  Highly entertaining and also well worth a listen.



ChinWag Mike Laverick’s (@Mike_Laverick) ChinWag is a regular video podcast where he talks to bloggers and others working in the virtualization space, covering a wide range of topics from latest news through to the guests thoughts on particular products or technologies.




A couple of long running virtualization related podcasts that I also recommend checking out are:

VMware Communities Roundtable – This is a must have podcast for anyone working in the VMware virtualization space, hosted by VMware’s John Troyer (@JohnTroyer).  Regular guests from VMware’s product teams providing useful information.

InfoSmack – Highly entertaining and informative stuff from Greg Knieriemen (@knieriemen) and Marc Farley (@3parfarley) along with special guests.  This podcast covers a range of enterprise IT related topics and has some great discussion.

Virtualization Security Podcast – An informative podcast hosted by virtualization security expert, Edward Haletky.  Anything virtualization security related, this is the podcast for you.


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