Phew! I made it again – Top 25 Virtualization Blog

Top 25 Virtualization Blog 2013 - Thank YouThe results for the top virtualization related blogs were recently announced on the latest vChat (if you missed this episode (#34) then check out my post with a link to the video here), and I am pleased to announce I managed to sneak in the Top 25 again, with a number 23 position.  I am very pleased with this placing especially considering the limited time I’ve had over the past year to blog as much as I would have liked due to work and personal commitments.  Most importantly however I just want to say a massive “Thank You” to all of you that voted for me and read TechHead, it is much appreciated.  For me it is a gauge that lets me know that people still value the blog and what I right about, which most definitely spurs me on to write more content as I know then it will (hopefully) provide value to others.

To maintain a Top 25 position for next year I definitely need to raise my game with producing more regular quality content, so this sets a good challenge for me to find more time to blog.

Thanks again, and as always please get in touch with any recommendations on how to improve TechHead and also don’t forget to leave comments to any posts as I always enjoy talking with you all.

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