Pimp My HP Proliant Microserver Competition

The folks over at Servers Plus are running a rather good competition which allows for people to use their imagination and come up with a creative funky design for the case of a new HP Proliant Microserver.  Once all the submissions have been entered (by Friday 11th November) public voting will then take place with the creator of the winning design having their very own design created and applied to a brand new HP Microserver, which they win.   

These highly affordable (especially with the £100 cash back offerthough get in soon if you intend to buy one as word is that this cash back deal may be ending real soon with the introduction of the new N40 based Microserver model) entry level servers/PCs offer an excellent platform for a basic home or work VMware vSphere lab environments and are compatible (although not officially supported) with VMware vSphere 5.

HP Proliant Microserver Competition Here are some of the entries that have been submitted so far, great stuff!

HP Proliant Microserver - Pimp

Feeling creative?  Head on over to the competition page at Servers Plus here for entry details and the competition form.  Time allowing, I’m going to try and come up with a TechHead themed MicroServer design… should be interesting. Smile


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