The VMware VMTN Movement…

VMware VMTNThere is a movement in the air…  No, not that sort of air movement, but rather the variety where the hearts and minds of an increasing number of people move towards a common goal or objective.  “What is this movement about?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s all about re-instating the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) subscription, which was cancelled by VMware back in February 2007.  Although a few people have been vocal about VMware bringing back the VMTN subscription in the past, this latest campaign kicked off by well known VMware SRM author, blogger and trainer, Mike Laverick has certainly gained momentum.  Since Mike’s original post back on the 4th November and the associated VMware Community forum thread there has been an overwhelming response from the ever faithful VMware community indicating that they would appreciate the VMTN programme being reinstated again.   

VMware VMTN[7]

So what was the VMTN subscription?  The VMTN was a paid for subscription which allowed you to install and use copies of VMware products for a 1 year period.  If you are familiar with Microsoft’s TechNet or MSDN subscription think of this as the VMware equivalent.

So what are the benefits of using VMTN? Any of you who have subscribed to Microsoft’s TechNet or MSDN programme before will no doubt agree on how useful it is to have full access to Microsoft’s range of OS, application and back office software to run in your work or home lab environment when needed. At present if you want to evaluate one of VMware’s products in your lab environment for an extended period of time you will find yourself, in most instances, having to find a way to generate a new trial key, and also having to reinstall the product itself.  This can be a real hassle!  Though the good news is that …

VMware is listening…

VMware is listeningAs indicated by Duncan Epping’s post here there are signs that VMware are “investigating the option to reinstate the VMTN Subscription program” which, at this early stage, sounds positive.  This VMTN re-instatement movement is certainly building momentum so let’s hope we see a formal announcement from VMware sometime soon.  Although, as Duncan mentions “… starting a program like this does take time and the program will need a serious overhaul”.

I am feeling quietly optimistic that VMware will come through and start offering the VMTN subscription again, which I will definitely sign up for if offered, though I suspect we may have to wait a little while yet.  If/when it does happen this will be great news for all of you running your own home or work vSphere lab and/or studying for a VMware accreditation over a period of a month or two. 

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this and whether you’d find having a VMTN subscription useful.  Why not leave me a comment below?  Smile



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