vBeers Special Event This Week!

imageOk folks, we have a special vBeers event this month that is definitely worth attending.  Firstly however just to confirm, the schedule of the vBeers London event being the first Thursday of every month still stands though after speaking with my friend Mr StorageBod he informed me of an extra special Storage Beers (#StorageBeers) event this week which sees the Infosmack crew, Greg Knieriemen and Marc Farley over from the good ole US of A.  In fact there is talk that an episode of Infosmack may be recorded live from this get together which will no doubt be entertaining.

After speaking with StorageBod further it was decided that this was a good opportunity to also bring the virtualization community into the mix and incorporate a vBeers at the same time.  So keep the following date, time and bat channel free to come meet, mingle and chat with your fellow Storage, Virtualization and Infosmack enthusiasts.  As always vBeers is an open invite for anyone to attend including vendors (leave your sales hats at the door).  Smile

See you there!

When: Thursday 24th March

Where: The Golden Fleece (City of London)

Map: (Click to enlarge)


Twitter Hashtag:  #vBeers


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