VMware ESX Tools and Utils This section of TechHead is dedicated to providing a list of useful VMware ESX related tools and utilities.  This list will grow over time and please feel free to let me know of any tools/utils that you feel should be on the list.

 VMware Health Check ReportWilliam LamFree
 Upgrade VM Virtual HardwareWilliam LamFree
 Storage vMotion Plug-inSchley Andrew KutzFree
 Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA)Carl Thijssen & Mike LaverickFree
 ESX Deployment Appliance (EDA)HercoFree
 Copying ESX Advanced Host Configuration (Script)Alan RenoufFree
 Free VM MonitorSolarWindsFree
 Daily ESX Report (Script)Alan RenoufFree
 Health Check (Script)Anders Mikkelsen & dafaFree
 Syslog ApplianceAdiscon ProductsFree(?)
 VM HAL Check (Script)Alan RenoufFree
 RVToolsRob de VeijFree
 Disk Type Check (Thick or Thin) (Script)William LamFree
 CPUID System InformationEric SloofFree
 Virtual Floppy Drive (Read & Edit floppy images)Ken KatoFree
 Check to see if License Server is still running from ESX hosts (Script)Duncan EppingFree
 License Server Service Check (Script)Alan RenoufFree
 Compliance Checker for VMware ESXEMCFree
 GhettoVCB (Script)William LamFree
Newly Added to the ListVMware ESXi Host Backup (Script)William LamFree
 PowerGUI VMware Power PackKirk Munro & Scott HeroldFree
 VMware vSphere PowerCLIVMwareFree
 Virtualization EcoShellScott Herold (VisionCore)Free
 PowerWF StudioDevfarm SoftwareStill in Beta
 Putty (Telnet/SSH Client)Simon TathamFree
 PuTTY Connection ManagerUnknownFree
 SnapAlertDominic RiveraFree
 Visio StencilsScott HeroldFree
 Library VMware Icons & DiagramsVMwareFree
 VMware vCenter ConverterVMwareFree (Standalone)
 vmCDConnected (Script)Eric SloofFree

VMware ESX Tools and Utils