VMware Hands on Labs Online – Beta Available

The VMware Hands on Labs will be something familiar to many of you by now, especially if you’ve attended a VMworld event in the past few years.  The VMware Hands on Labs (HOL) provide invaluable hands-on time with VMware and Partner GA and pre-release products, which is an excellent way for the IT community to educate and familiarise themselves with some of the latest vTechnologies.  The only way to gain access to these labs has historically been limited to attending either one of the VMworld or VMware Partner Exchange events, but all of this is about to change.  VMware have announced that they will be making their Hands on Labs available to the public online, meaning that you will be able to access the labs from the comfort of your office or home.

How do I gain access to the VMware Hands on Labs?

Initially these labs will be only available via a Public Beta, though based on the success of this they almost certainly be released to the masses. As you’d expect there is a registration process to be considered for the VMware Hands on Labs beta programme, and as at the time of writing this registration was not yet available, though I recommend you book mark the Hands on Labs Beta page here and keep checking back for when registrations are opened.

VMware Hands on Labs Online Beta

Nice move VMware, this will almost certainly be a highly popular move and will help lower the boundaries for people wishing to up skill themselves in VMware and Partner products.

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