VMware View Bootcamp Video Series

Are you looking at deploying a VMware View based virtual desktop infrastructure at your place of work or want to find out more about View?  If so then I recommend you take a look at the following VMware View bootcamp series which is made up of a number of useful videos. 

The VMware View bootcamp videos cover topics such as:

  • Design Considerations Guidelines for VMware View – Overview
  • Storage Deep Dive – Considerations and Best Practices
  • Network Considerations and Best Practices
  • Optimizing the Base Image for VMware View
  • PCoIP Implementation Overview and PCoIP Tuning Best Practices
  • VMware View’s Reference Architecture
  • Troubleshooting View
  • VMware View Back Up Best Practices

Sound good?  Then click here (or the image below) to get more information on the bootcamp and to view the videos.

VMware View Bootcamp[7]

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