VMware vSphere 6 : What’s New – Maximums

VMware vSphere-6 Resource Maximums


VMware vSphere 6 has finally been announced!  Yes, that’s right folks, after a 3+ year wait since the last major vSphere release, VMware have announced vSphere 6 which will be publically available sometime in Q1 of this year (2015).

This is an evolutionary update to the widely adopted vSphere product, with over 650 new features and enhancement,  and as with all previous major upgrades to vSphere there has been increases to the resource and configuration levels (maximums) at the host, cluster and VM levels.

In fact, vSphere 6 sees its resource capabilities at least double in almost all of the major areas.  This is really quite something!

Below is a break-down of vSphere 6’s new resource and configuration maximums:


vSphere 6 Resource and Configuration Maximums

vSphere 6.0vSphere 5.x
Hosts per Cluster6432
VMs per Cluster80004000
CPUs per Host480320
RAM per Host12TB4TB
VMs per Host2048512
vCPUs per VM12864


VMware implemented a rigorous beta testing phase which saw the launch date slip by 6 months, though I personally prefer it when companies take their time to properly test a product before releasing it.  These new maximums certainly open up a whole new world of possibilities, especially with the increasing popularity of hyper-converged infrastructures.

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